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The giraffes are off to auction!


A tower of technicolour giraffe sculptures hoofed it into the city for Worcester Stands Tall, a public art event which took the city by storm from Monday, July 9th to Sunday, September 16th 2018.

For 10 weeks this summer, Worcester’s streets, parks and open spaces were brought to life by giant giraffes and giraffe calves. Individually designed, beautifully created, majestic giraffes as you’ve never seen them before!

Why a giraffe?
Giraffes are majestic, but elegant, gentle but giant. They are sociable creatures but 
do not form herds, instead they meet in changing groups each day, rather as we do 
in our own communities.
Giraffes are the tallest mammals on earth and the collective noun for a group of
 giraffes is a tower!
Worcester Stands Tall will inspire creativity and generate plenty of fun for all 
as you follow the giant giraffes on their journey around the city.

The Worcester Stands Tall trail has now completed and the giraffes were auctioned on Thursday, 11th October to raise valuable funds for the  St Richard’s Hospice Build 2020 Appeal.

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