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Painting an 8ft giraffe sculpture is challenging enough – but for artist Jess Perrin this was just the start of her journey with Worcester Stands Tall.

The 25-year-old, from Birmingham, has worked on giraffe-maintenance for the trail – conducting thorough, weekly checks to keep the sculptures looking their best.

And the Worcester event has not been her only Wild in Art project this year.

Following selection to paint a giraffe, she was also picked to paint two bees and a snail for trails in other cities.

Jess’ giraffe sculpture, Cháng Jīng Lù, is sponsored by the New Four Seasons.

Find out more about Jess with our Q&A:

How did you get involved with Worcester Stands Tall?

I got involved after working on the Big Sleuth in Birmingham last year. I got the art trail bug and really wanted to take part in more!

How do you feel to be a part of this project?

It’s a wonderful project and it’s great to see people of all ages enjoying them being out on the streets. It’s also been really nice to meet lots of new artists during our time painting the giraffes. I’ve also been doing the maintenance work for the trail and it’s wonderful to get to speak to members of the public about the trail and hear what they think!

Have you painted a sculpture for a Wild in Art trail before?

Yes! When I got selected I’d painted three, but now I’ve painted a total of seven! I started with a bear last year for the Big Sleuth and painted two nutcracker sculptures for a Christmas trail in Portsmouth. Since then I have two bees in Manchester for Bee in the City as well as a snail for Snailspace Brighton.

Tell me a little bit about your background as an artist

My background is mainly in digital illustration and character design so the only actual painting I do is work on these trails. I’ve just completed my Masters degree in Visual Communication so hope to work in the games industry, but still will make time for Wild in Art trails!

How would you describe your work?

As I mainly work in character design and illustration, I love creating a sculpture with a personality. I’m also very interested in cultural art from different countries and like making work that reflects this.

What inspired your giraffe design?

I’ve been inspired by Chinese art and pattern making for a while now and so wanted to create a Chinese dragon-themed giraffe. I feel like the height of the giraffe warranted something impressive and slightly imposing and so the bold design reflects this.

What was it like decorating an 8ft tall giraffe?

Challenging at times! Being only 5ft 2in meant I couldn’t reach very far up and spent a lot of time up a ladder. Working alongside other artists in the painting space was great though, as we would all support each other and motivate one another when it got a bit stressful.

What have you most enjoyed about the art trail this summer?

Seeing people from all walks of life enjoying the trail. It’s always amazing to see how many people are out and about exploring the city in a new way and thoroughly enjoying the artwork.

Find out more about Jess by finding her on Instagram @jperrin2093

Worcester Stands Tall

Worcester Stands Tall