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Combining her interests in biology and anatomy, Liverpool-based artist Sophie Green created a skeletal design for her giraffe sculpture.

The graphic designer says she wanted to create a design which would be “instantly recognizable” – and painted her giraffe, Bones, with eye-catching x-ray imagery.

And having been involved with a whopping 35 Wild in Art projects over the years – Sophie was no stranger to getting stuck in and decorating her sculpture.

Bones is sponsored by Spire South Bank Hospital, a private hospital in Bath Road, Worcester.

Find out more about Sophie in our Q&A:

How did you come to be involved with Worcester Stands Tall?

I saw the artists call out and wanted to be involved, I love a giraffe!

Have you painted a sculpture for a Wild in Art trail before?

I’ve been involved in lots of Wild in Art projects over the years, my giraffe for Worcester Stands Tall was my 35th – I think!

Tell me a little bit about your background as an artist

I’ve always been interested in art and design, and was always drawing as a child. I followed my passions, studied art then graphic design, working as a graphic designer before going freelance, getting my own studio and becoming an artist for hire.

How would you describe your work?

Bright and bold. I like colour and playful design.

What inspired your giraffe design?

It was the long neck that did it. I’m interested in biology and anatomy and thought about different ways to incorporate those elements into the design. I ultimately decided to go with the bones. I wanted to produce a design that would be instantly recognizable, and look good when viewed from afar so the high contrast works well.

What has it been like decorating an 8ft tall giraffe?

It’s been good fun and raised a lot of smiles with visitors to my studio (and walking it across the busy Liverpool streets!) I’m a 6ft artist, so painting Bones wasn’t too much of a stretch for me.

What are you most excited about for the trail this summer?

I love checking in on social media, following the hashtags and see the pictures people are posting, and I’m always very excited to see where my work is positioned and visit for my own selfie!

To find out more about Sophie’s work, find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. FB ; Twitter @sophiegreen; Instagram @sophiegreens

Worcester Stands Tall

Worcester Stands Tall