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An Outstanding Source

The Details

Name: An Outstanding Source

Location: Bromwich Parade (Diglis Bridge)

Sponsor: The Hopmarket, Fisher German, Fortis Living

Artist: Gayani Ariyaratne

The Artist - Gayani Ariyaratne

Gayani is an artist, chef and floral designer from Birmingham. She has studied multi-disciplinary design in Sri Lanka and multimedia textile design at Loughborough College of Art and Design.

She has done solo art exhibitions and is also working as a mural artist. She is also getting ready for her first glass painting exhibition and is hoping to publish her cookery book. She has raised more than £20,000 for various charities.

Design Inspiration

The inspiration for ‘An Outstanding Source’ comes from Worcestershire’s very own delightful condiment.

In this design, the artist aims to highlight the history, plants and flowers of the original ingredients and the excitement of combining exotic and local ingredients in this unique sauce.

The artist hopes to spark interest in healthy eating and provide an educational approach to plants and flowers. Sunlight in the centre represents a giraffe’s original habitat. The tamarind tree and Arenga pinnata palm tree are very tall trees, synergising with the height of the giraffe.

Sponsored by The Hopmarket, Fisher German and Fortis Living

The iconic Hopmarket on The Foregate is where merchants came to buy and sell hops nearly 300 years ago. Just a minute’s walk from Foregate Street Station, today the Hopmarket is home to an eclectic mix of businesses. It is managed by the Hopmarket Charity, which disburses grants to good causes in Worcester.

Fisher German manage retail lettings and the refurbishment works which are taking place currently. They provide a one-stop shop for all issues relating to commercial property.

The Hopmarket complex includes residential flats, the majority of which are managed by Fortis Living, a provider of affordable housing based in Worcester, managing 15,000 homes.

For more information visit www.thehopmarket.co.uk, www.fortisliving.com or www.fishergerman.co.uk

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