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Arthur The Giraffa in Banana Pyjamas

The Details

Name: Arthur The Giraffa in Banana Pyjamas

Location: The Cornmarket

Sponsor: Worcester News

Artist: Jane Mota and Glen Brooks

The Artist - Jane Mota and Glen Brooks

Glen Brooks has worked as a professional artist and arts manager on many projects including producing art commissions for interior design customers and working for Damien Hirst in his studios in Stroud. Glen currently manages and works on art projects at West Midland Safari Park, he especially enjoys preparing the Santa Safari at Christmas.

Jane Mota has a background in the arts and literature and enjoys writing copy, travel writing and producing concepts and ideas for various projects in the creative field. She previously worked as an English tutor.

Design Inspiration

One of Jane’s favourite art movements is the Dada’s, which was the seminal art movement responsible for some of the most experimental and creative ideas about art today.

Jane’s background in both the arts and literature has always been at the heart of everything she does and she naturally enjoys having fun with words and coming up with ideas for art projects. So, Arthur was designed because in so many ways he doesn’t make sense – except the name giraffa which, although it sounds silly, is the scientific name for the giraffe.

So Arthur is really a mix of the scientific with the silly, as giraffes neither sleep (rather they take short naps standing up) and they don’t eat bananas, or of course drink cups of tea in the wild!

Thankfully Glen understands Jane’s sense of humour and gave life to a very eccentric Arthur and his wacky banana pyjama design and colours.

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