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Cháng Jīng Lù

The Details

Name: Cháng Jīng Lù

Location: St Martin's Quarter

Sponsor: New Four Seasons

Artist: Jessica Perrin

The Artist - Jessica Perrin

Jessica is an illustrator and animator working and studying in Birmingham.

Currently studying for her Master’s Degree in Visual Communication, she loves to create both digital and traditional work that has a strong narrative content. Her love for character design can be seen throughout her work.

Design Inspiration

Jessica chose to design this giraffe in the style of a Chinese dragon. She wanted to take the culture of ancient China and bring it into the trail in a bombastic fashion, choosing bright, high-contrasting colours in-keeping with the traditional art style channeled in this piece.

Jessica believes Chinese culture is under represented in the UK and this design brings two art styles together to present one complete piece. When this creature isn’t roaming the planes of Africa, he is sat in an emperors’ courtyard defending china from all enemies.

Sponsored by The New Four Seasons

The New Four Seasons restaurant has an excellent reputation for its high standard of cuisine, serving authentic Cantonese and Thai dishes in elegant surroundings.

Founded 35 years ago by owner, Frankie Tsang, it is the longest-running family Chinese restaurant in Worcester. There is a pleasant garden area where, in the summer months, special barbecue events are held serving delicious buffet-style meals.

Find out more at fourseasonsrestaurant.co.uk

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