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Diversity Is Us

The Details

Name: Diversity Is Us

Location: Fort Royal Hill

Sponsor: Southco

Artist: MrASingh

The Artist - MrASingh

Award-winning creative director, artist and content creator, MrASingh is one of today’s most inspired artists. He creates his notable, intricate art using various mixed media techniques and vivid colour.

His art is a salute to nature’s beauty which is a gentle reminder that if we look carefully, patterns can be found in all of nature’s creations – from animals and plants to microorganisms. MrASingh focuses on this beauty, mixed with inspiration from various world cultures and amplifies it thorough his rich textures, mesmerising line work and impressive story telling.


Design Inspiration

MrASingh’s inspiration came from the feeling we have when we are constantly overwhelmed with trying to fit in with the crowd instead of being ourselves. We were all born to stand out, and this is a powerful reminder.

There are countless colours in the world yet, just three primary colours are the root of every other colour. It’s the same with diversity, we’re all different, unique and beautiful, but it’s our diversity that connects us all together.

Sometimes, all we need to do is break away from the monochromatic shell and be our colourful selves.

Sponsored by Southco

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