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The Details

Name: Fabella

Location: Foregate Street (Station)

Sponsor: Worcester City Council

Artist: Jilly Oxlade-Arnott

The Artist - Jilly Oxlade-Arnott

Oxlade-Arnott is a Worcester-based architectural watercolour artist from a family of creatives. She is known for her unique watercolour and fine line ink depictions of historically or nationally significant architecture where structure, perception and placement form the focal point of her work.

She has two distinct styles, the first is the more traditional ‘Classique’ which has an emphasis of colour and depth on the subject structure leaving the surrounding detail in contrasting black lines. ‘Vivid’ is simplistic bold lines on layers of pure vibrant colours, inspired by the pop art genre.

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Design Inspiration

Oxlade-Arnott’s inspiration for Fabella (a giraffe with a tale) is based on the architectural heritage and historical events that shaped Worcester: building a cathedral, the Civil War and story of the black pear.

These have been laid out in contrasting line work across the Van Gogh-esque swirled sculpture as three unique poems and images: Foundation, Battle and Pear.

Buildings are the foundation of our lives: the interaction we have with them may be inconsequential but, if once in a while you look up, you’ll be surprised by what you’ve missed and how varied and intricate the urban landscape can be.

Sponsored by Worcester City Council

Worcester is a cultural city with an historic heart.

It is a fantastic place to live, work and visit, with many events and attractions throughout the year and a thriving economy. We are proud of our beautiful green spaces and world-class sporting facilities.

Worcester City Council provides essential services for more than 95,000 residents. Working with the local community we are building a successful future on 2,000 years of history.

Find out more information visit www.worcester.gov.uk

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