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Name: Girafficus

Location: Sidbury

Sponsor: The Valley

Artist: Chris Morgan

The Artist - Chris Morgan

Chris is a graphic designer, illustrator, recycled material sculptor and artist.

Previously he worked in partnership with his late wife, Valerie Osment, who was a popular Wild in Art artist and well-established artist in education. He helped Valerie to visualise, design and often assisted in the painting of many Wild in Art sculptures for trails throughout the UK since 2013.

Since his wife’s passing in 2017 after a short battle with cancer, he decided to keep the legacy of her public work alive by continuing to produce thought-provoking, eye-catching and vibrant sculpture designs with a graphic/illustration feel.

Design Inspiration

Chris’ inspiration for Girafficus was Worcester’s rich Roman past and the Roman trade route of Ryknild Street – which ran from Wiltshire to Norfolk.

Girafficus was born in Britannia, of immigrant Roman parents, and he made them so proud by becoming a Roman Legionnaire.

He spent his days defending the town against invaders and in his spare time enjoyed pottery and sword-making in the kilns and ironworks of the town of Vertis (Worcester). Girafficus was a Clavicularius (gate guard) and wears his Lorica Segmentata (armour), Cassis (helmet), Focale and cingulum (scarf and tunic), Gladius (sword) and his Scutum (shield).

Sponsored by The Valley, Evesham

The Valley, Evesham is the perfect place to spend a relaxing day, with a great mix of brand names and unique gift shops, all set within 125 acres of stunning rural Worcestershire countryside, set on the outskirts of Evesham.

Dog-friendly, gentle walks, set in unspoilt countryside, events throughout the year. Open seven days a week and free parking.

Find out more at www.thevalleyshopping.co.uk

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