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Please visit the West Mercia Police website for details relating to the planned demonstration by the English Defence League and counter-protests expected in Worcester city centre this Saturday, 1st September.

For trail visitors’ ease, we will be temporarily moving Arthur the Giraffa in Banana Pyjamas (location 17, The Cornmarket), from 4.30pm this afternoon (Friday, 31st August), until early Sunday morning.

The sculpture will still be available on the trail – you can find him by Cháng Jīng Lù (location 18) across the road in St Martin’s Quarter.

Police will keep you updated throughout the day with regular Twitter updates on its account @WMerciaPolice @CsuptMarkTravis and regular Facebook updates on its account @westmerciapolice and website updates on www.westmercia.police.uk

Worcester Stands Tall

Worcester Stands Tall